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Big West Conference

A Beacon of Athletic Vibrancy and Scholarly Commitment

Established in 1969, the Big West Conference shines as a nexus where premier athletic competitions meet a profound commitment to academic excellence. Encompassing a variety of institutions primarily located in California, it is home to teams that exude vibrancy and fierce competitiveness, including the Long Beach State 49ers and the UC Irvine Anteaters. These teams are a testament to the spirited rivalry and sportsmanship that the conference has nurtured over the decades. The basketball season is marked by pulsating matches that offer a showcase of agility, skill, and strategy, forming a rich tapestry of athletic tradition that captivates audiences far and wide. In addition to fostering athletic talent, the Big West Conference is also dedicated to promoting academic achievements, cultivating environments where student-athletes can thrive both in their studies and on the court. As it forges ahead, the Big West Conference continues to stand as a beacon of excellence, uniting communities in a shared passion for sports and education, and paving the way for future generations of scholars and athletes.

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