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Southland Conference

A Beacon of Athletic Excellence and Scholarly Pursuits

Celebrating its rich history that dates back to 1963, the Southland Conference stands as a beacon of both athletic excellence and scholarly pursuits in the southern United States. Home to a rich tapestry of institutions, the conference harbors teams that showcase both skill and sportsmanship on the field, including the noteworthy Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks and the Sam Houston State Bearkats. The basketball seasons in this conference are a thrilling exhibition of talent, determination, and strategy, drawing fans into a vortex of excitement with each high-stakes matchup. Moreover, the Southland Conference takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence, fostering a nurturing environment where student-athletes are encouraged to excel in their scholarly endeavors alongside their athletic commitments. As it forges ahead, the Southland Conference continues to inspire a new generation of athletes and scholars, upholding a proud legacy that intertwines athletic valour with intellectual growth.

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