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Summit League

A Nexus of Athletic Valor and Academic Excellence

Established in 1982, the Summit League has grown to epitomize the pinnacle of collegiate athletics, seamlessly blending stellar competition with a steadfast commitment to academic excellence. Spanning several states in the central United States, this conference harbors institutions that are home to teams displaying both valiant athletic spirit and exemplary camaraderie, including standouts like the South Dakota Coyotes and the North Dakota State Bison. Its basketball seasons are characterized by a vibrant showcase of skill, determination, and strategy, providing a pulsating series of matchups that capture the imagination of fans nationwide. Apart from fostering athletic talents, the Summit League is equally dedicated to promoting scholarly pursuits, offering a nurturing ground where student-athletes can flourish academically while also shining on the court. As it ventures into the future, the Summit League remains a beacon of unity and achievement, fostering an environment that inspires individuals to reach great heights, both in the world of sports and in academia.

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