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Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)

A Heritage of Excellence and Unity

In the vibrant landscape of collegiate sports, the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) stands as a proud sentinel of heritage, excellence, and unity. Founded in 1920, SWAC brings together a collection of historically black colleges and universities, fostering an environment that nurtures both athletic prowess and academic accomplishment. Teams such as the Grambling State Tigers and the Southern Jaguars epitomize the fighting spirit and camaraderie that the conference embodies. SWAC is more than just a competitive arena; it is a thriving community where traditions are revered, and where every game is a vibrant celebration of cultural heritage and athletic excellence. The SWAC Basketball Tournament is a highlight of the season, offering thrilling encounters that captivate fans and showcase the incredible talents brewing within the conference. As it marches forward, the Southwestern Athletic Conference remains committed to cultivating a rich tradition of sportsmanship, unity, and excellence, making it a beacon of inspiration in the world of collegiate sports.

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