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American College Basketball

College Basketball: Where Stars are Born and Legends Begin

In the vibrant world of sports, college basketball holds a revered spot, buzzing with youthful energy, raw talent, and the pure love for the game. This is the stage where stars are born, their first battleground where they carve out their paths to greatness. Rooted deeply in tradition and school spirit, each game is more than just a contest; it's a celebration of skill, teamwork, and determination. The pinnacle of college basketball, the NCAA Tournament, affectionately termed "March Madness," encapsulates the sheer excitement and unpredictability that the sport brings, as schools from across the nation compete fiercely, giving rise to exhilarating victories and heart-wrenching defeats. As fans don their school colors and rally behind their teams, college basketball unites communities in a shared passion and pride, fostering a spirit of unity and excitement that is unmatched, making it not just a game, but a cherished tradition.

College basketball in the United States is organized and governed by several different leagues and conferences. Here is a list of the major college basketball leagues and conferences:

Major Conferences:

  1. Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
  2. Big Ten Conference
  3. Big 12 Conference
  4. Southeastern Conference (SEC)
  5. Pac-12 Conference
  6. Big East Conference
  7. American Athletic Conference (AAC)

Mid-Major Conferences:

  1. Mountain West Conference (MWC)
  2. Atlantic 10 Conference (A-10)
  3. West Coast Conference (WCC)
  4. Conference USA (C-USA)
  5. Mid-American Conference (MAC)
  6. Sun Belt Conference

Other Conferences:

  1. Ivy League
  2. Colonial Athletic Association (CAA)
  3. Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC)
  4. Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)
  5. Western Athletic Conference (WAC)
  6. Southern Conference (SoCon)
  7. Ohio Valley Conference (OVC)
  8. Missouri Valley Conference (MVC)
  9. Horizon League
  10. Big Sky Conference
  11. Big South Conference
  12. Big West Conference
  13. Patriot League
  14. America East Conference
  15. Northeast Conference (NEC)
  16. Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC)
  17. Summit League
  18. Southland Conference
  19. Atlantic Sun Conference (ASUN)

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